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Spring Showers Bring Sweet Celebrations: 2023 Bridal Shower Trends We Love for This Season & Beyond


As the scent of spring blossoms fills the air, ‘tis the season for the sweetest celebrations: bridal showers! After all, nothing ushers in a joyful wedding with more cheer than an intimate gathering to honor soon-to-be newlyweds. Whether you’re throwing your own shower or attending as a guest, there are so many new ideas, trends, and experiences that you can channel to celebrate this momentous time in life.

That’s why we dove into what brides, couples, and mothers of the bride have been clamoring over this year. Prepare yourself for some seriously lovely inspiration because these 2023 bridal shower trends are delightful indeed!

Pretty, Pretty Picnics

Pretty, Pretty Picnics

Now, we’re not talking about a simple picnic blanket and a basket here. No way! Picnics have been taken up a notch with the introduction of boutique picnic companies that planners are fighting over for their bridal showers in 2023.

The warm sun, refreshing breeze, and lush greenery serve as the perfect setting for a celebration of love and friendship. Allow your planner and their A-Team of picnic connoisseurs to put together a luxe, cozy seating nook with long tables topped with sweet treats and savory sandwiches. A picnic-style fete will create memories that last a lifetime!

Time for Tea

Time for Tea

Another huge inspiration this season is English teatime! Get ready to transport your guests to an elegant, romantic setting fit for a true English teatime – no passport required. Instead, don a vintage dress and gather your loved ones for a celebration full of love and joy.

Think delicate teacups filled with your brew of choice, dainty cakes, tea sandwiches, scones, and fragrant blooms – all the details needed to create the ultimate cozy and charming atmosphere.

There’s something ultra elegant about afternoon tea and its décor scheme, so it’s a really fun scene to create!

Magnificent Mocktails

Magnificent Mocktails

Mocktails are making a move on standard cocktails these days! As brides work on their wellness and, in general, people are cutting back on alcohol, it’s a fun way to make sure everyone is included and indulging in your special day. We love this bridal shower mocktail, Honey-Sweetened Strawberry Basil Limeade, from Foolproof Living!

It mixes sweet and sour and tops it with fresh fruit and herbs that just make for the most refreshing beverage that tastes like such a treat… but it’s actually healthy!

Bright & Bold Hues

Bright & Bold Hues

Muted pastels and light colors can be beautiful. But this season is all about bright and bold pops of color everywhere you can possibly put it!

Incorporating vibrant hues into the bridal shower décor (and the eats and drinks, too!) can add a touch of playfulness and excitement to the celebration. Whether it’s a vivid bouquet, a colorful table runner, or bright macarons on the dessert table, bold colors will bring joy and warmth to the atmosphere.

With so many hues to choose from, you can easily tailor the color scheme to the bride’s personality and style. Whether you opt for sunny yellows, rosy pinks, or electric blues, these bold shades will make for a breathtaking backdrop as guests gather to celebrate the bride-to-be. Let your creativity run wild and create a bridal shower that’s bursting with color and joy!

Bring on the Bubbles

But not any bubbles. The newest vendor trend is mobile bubbly bars that come to the party! There are a few in Connecticut that serve NYC and CT, like L’APE, a vintage Piaggio Ape truck, and Craft and Cork, an electric tuk-tuk. Both are outfitted with spouts to pour any kind of bubbly the bride desires! How cool is that?

We don’t know about you, but we’re hoping 2023 bridal shower trends like this stick around for years to come!

Cute Canopies

Cute Canopies

We love making a statement, don’t you? Cute floral canopies are gaining popularity (and dare we say, we were one of the trendsetters doing this for a while already?) for weddings, showers, parties, the whole nine!

Hang the floral canopies above the seating areas to add a bit of whimsy, delight, and beauty! No matter what, it will be the most Instagrammable shower around with a few of these beauties.

Engaging Experiences

Rather than doing Bridal Bingo (which can be fun, too!), go a little deeper with the creative experiences you’re offering on bridal shower day. Get guests moving and interacting with one another to create new memories.

A few fun ideas could be:

  • Making your own wine blend led by a sommelier and hosted at a local vineyard
  • Build your own bouquet if you’re hosting at a luxury farmhouse in CT or NY with blooms growing in the back
  • Have a decorate your own cupcake station for dessert

You’ll get bonus points if the activity leads to something fun they can sip, nibble on, or bring home after the shower! Guests adore that.

Need Help Brainstorming & Implementing 2023 Bridal Shower Trends at an Upcoming Bridal Shower?

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